Imagine the Entire World as your Playground

Welcome to QuestoWorld, an immersive real-world metaverse built on the blockchain.

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Explore a network of RPGs played on the streets of your city. Built and owned by the community.

Questo Realms

QuestoWorld consists of 100,000 Realms NFTs, which represent unique game worlds built and owned by the creators. Every Realm hosts an RPG played in the real world.

Paris Realm

5,000 OG Realms

OG Realms are a limited and unique collection of 5,000 pre-generated NFTs. Of which, the first edition of 3,500 is launching now. Every OG has a unique mix of traits that can't be duplicated by any other Realm. The traits reflect the characteristics of the RPG that can be built on it. The mixes of traits were individually selected by the Questo team to maximize their potential, using years of knowledge on real-world game building.

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95,000 Realms

Every Realm in the QuestoWorld represents a unique world where creators build game experiences and players explore. By comparison with OGs, Realms are not pre-generated and they don't offer exclusivity on trait combinations. To generate a Realm, a creator must first build an RPG, and get it published.

Questo Realms Traits

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    City and Country

    Realms are worlds existing on top of the real world that are explored by playing games in real cities on Earth. Within this context, every game is connected to a city and country that define its location.

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    Main POI

    The Main POI trait highlights the most popular location from the Realm and from the RPG built on it. This shows players what is the most important hotspot they will discover before they start playing.

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    Fiction Genre

    The genre of a Realm is better understood if compared with movie/book genres. The fictional narrative that you follow in a Realm game can be Romance, Thriller, Historical, etc.

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    Every Realm has its own collection of places that must follow the same theme. This trait is useful for helping players understand what type of places they will discover while playing the game (Medieval, Street Art, Old Town, etc).

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    While exploring Realms, players will discover many amazing facts from the history of the places they visit. The type of facts can be of various types: Pop culture, Historical, Folklore/mythology, Movie related, etc.

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    With Questo, players explore the real world by playing the role of a character with a mission. The chosen character can be a famous person, an iconic fictional character, an NFT PFP, a deity or even a ghost.


Both the creator web tool and the app where you can play the games already exist and have been used by 200k+ people. But QuestoWorld is just beginning.

  • Mint OG Realms (1st edition)

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  • Reveal OG Realms

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  • New Questo mobile game interface

    Expected April 2022

  • Support for building on Realms through the Questo creator web tool (Creators' Room)

    Expected Q3 2022

  • Mint OG Realms (2nd edition)

    Expected Q3 2022

  • Questo Game dApp

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  • Questo Avatars as NFTs

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About Questo

Questo is an award-winning urban entertainment platform for city exploration games that are available in 140+ cities worldwide.

With the Questo games, you explore the real world by walking and playing. During the games, you search for details in your environment, solve witty puzzles and riddles, unlock secret codes and crack hidden messages in order to discover new places and their stories. All while playing the role of iconic characters on a specific quest.

Questo was launched in 2017, and ever since it was enjoyed by +200k people who walked around 500,000 km while playing games in the real world.

About Questo

Questo World Team

The core team behind the project has very diverse backgrounds (travel, advertising, tech, media production etc). We've been building, distributing and promoting this type of games together for 5 years now.

The project is also backed by a full-time team of more than 20 people working on the player mobile app, creator web tool and QuestoWorld infrastructure.

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Questo Team


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Our vision for the real-world metaverse is larger than this first collection of NFTs. Please have a look at our plans and connect with us if you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions you'd like to share.

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